Thai Green Curry Chicken Recipe – AUTHENTIC Thai Home Cooking | แกงเขียวหวานไก่แบบบ้านๆ


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  1. Love your cooking videos better than your travel videos! You so need to do more of these with your mom and other family members, friends etc…that's the gold right there baby!

  2. Thank you Mark and to your mother- inlaw for sharing this recipe, this is what i've been waiting for a long time, i just don't know the name of this dish, again thank and God bless! Hope you could share more resipe's

  3. I live in the Yukon so there's no chance for me to get a hold of a kefir lime… occasionally we may get lucky with the leaves. What can I do to substitute the kefir rind? Is regular lime okay?

  4. the recipe looks absolutely delicious, lucky guy to have a good food with your little sweet family….a lot of respect to your family especially to your mother in law…because she is pouring her love to son in law with her delicious recipe……once again respect and keep on going…with your humble smile

  5. One of my family favourites. Where I live in Labrador Canada it can be challenging to find the ingredients to make paste but I found some good premades online. Sadly I can only manage to get dried lime leaves

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