Thai Fish Soup Recipe


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  1. Jayden. Wow delicious. For me I like to leave the lemongrass stalks, kaffir lime leaves, and galanga in the soup when served. Explaining to your guests that they are not to be eaten. It just make the dish so much more exotic and interesting when served. Which is part of the fun. Its kind of like serving a fried fish with the head cut off? More authentic and yummy with the head on…(and of course the best parts of the fish are in the head).

  2. thank you for such an upbeat video! I love that you encourage us to use alternative ingredients for those we don't have on hand ~ which means I am going to make this TONIGHT! Thank you!!!

  3. have made this twice now, I add a bit more chilly, more garlic, I season the onion and stuff when first add to wok, and also I have found works nice when add a little bit of smoked fish with the prawns and salmon.

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