Thai Chicken & Potato Soup Recipe ซุปไก่มันฝรั่ง | Thai Recipes


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  1. The first western country directly contacted with Siam was not France, but Portugal. According to the record at that time we already called them the "Farang". So how can we called Westerner as "Farang" although we had not know them?

    Farang is the word we derive from "Farangi", Persian word for "Franks", a German tribe that became a major political power in Western and Central Europe during the early Middle Ages, and from which France derives its name. We were not take the word directly from France since we had no direct contact with any European countries before the arrival of Portugal, but we had contact with Persian for centuries long before the coming of European. They are the one that told us about the Franks, later we adopted the word but used it in more widen meaning to called any white Christian nations. Not just Thailand but many countries derived this word the same way. See comment of vishu singh below for example.

  2. Hii! I'm Thai and lao and I when I was little my grandma use to make a fish soup that's a little spicy and sour with lime leaves in it. Idk whats its called but I was wondering if u can make a recipe for it so I can learn how to make it. Pleassee And thank you for these wonderful recipes! 💕

  3. I am a Korean guy. I made red chicken curry and Yum woon sen from your recipe and having them for dinner at the same time watching this video. I am wondering I am a Thai or Korean. Hahahahaha

  4. Impressive video clip! Hereabouts at Y&S FOOD! we adore to catch these types of content. We make Travel & Food films as well, world-wide, and so we are frequently interested in inspirations and perhaps concepts. Thank You.

  5. Hi pailin! New sub here! I love watching your videos they are very nice and helpful. 👍
    I like the way you talk and explain stuff as well.
    I ♥️ thai food!

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