Thai Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe ก๋วยเตี๋ยวไก่ฉีก – Hot Thai Kitchen!


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  1. Omg, this looks so good. Can't wait to try it out!
    I went to Thailand two years ago for a year and I would eat this three days out of five at school, so this recipe made me try and make them at home:3

  2. I love your videos! My oldest son and I have food allergies, and as luck would have it, we tend to find Asian dishes easier to digest. My youngest just enjoys eating, so I'm fortunate there, right? Thank you for sharing your recipes and tips! I can't tell you how much I appreciate it!

  3. I 💝💝 ur style of demonstrating this recipe, u have su, h a wonderful personality. believe it or not, u just made me want to run to my kitchen n cook it for my family's dinner tonite. !! thanks so much, pailin. ur one of my fave "food tuber". can't wait to see ur next healthy thai recipes coming…. greetings from Indonesia. !🌏

  4. I wanted to make this today and my mom said the noodles had to be in cold water for 2 hours, but I don't have that time! I was so relieved when you said you do it in room temperature water for 15 minutes ; u;

  5. Hello, Pailin! Thank you for sharing this recipe . I must say it is better to make my own Chicken Stock rather than Using the store-bough one. I tried this recipe a few hours ago and it turned out good. I used Chinese cabbage (cai xin) , bean sprouts and Chicken breast.

  6. amazing video… I would love to try it but would like to ask if is there any substitute for garlic oil? because I believe I will not find it in my area!? please help me? thanks

  7. I tried this at a street vendor in Thailand. It's super delicious and addicting. I must say it taste nothing like Pho soup. It has a unique deep flavour taste, very well seasoning broth.

  8. I live in Thailand and your videos are very helpful in teaching me how cook here. I would love to hear more of how to say the ingredients in Thai like you do with most of your ingredients.

  9. Hi Pailin, as i was watching this, i cant help but noticed that a lot of Thai recipes are generally soup-based, which is typical for post-partum confinement foods for women. Do you think you could share 1 or 2 recipes of Traditional Thai Confinement Food Recipes? 😀

  10. omg "i'm going to sheek my gai" LOL I USE THA-LISH AT HOME TOO. thanks for always making awesome authentic thai food <3 reminds me of home and my mom.

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