Thai BBQ Pork Skewers Recipe หมูปิ้ง – Hot Thai Kitchen!


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  1. Hello I just got back from Bangkok today in fact just 30 minutes ago and wanted to find a great recipe for this great street food which I get every time I am in Bangkok along with great street pad thai.. every time I eat this I think why are my resturants in Los Angeles only offering Chicken ( Gai ) the pork is mouth watering and addicitive.. but nobody believes me that this is as must have stick food .. so in short I am using your guide to making this but will still use a charcoal grill to get the same flavors that you smell on the side streets of Bangkok .. I am so happy to see your posting and I am sure it will be great… p.s sometimes I get this dipping sauce that's brownish in color and has a little vinegar taste to it..

  2. i learned something on this video about the starch,:-) im a filipino and we have pork bbq on stick also,me and my husband have a recipe that one of the vendors in our city gave to me and we add some twist to it and still thats with a promise not to share it and not to use it to compete with them in selling,haha,by the way ours is with a sauce you can brush after its cooked so you think the starch will still help?nice video and surely we will try this recipe..

  3. I tried this a month ago and I will make some more today. I found that the corn starch actually become sticky to the grill and make the grilled meat become soggy. Is there any way to reduce the corn starch or simply eliminate it from the list? I did it as the stated measurement, and convert to the metric system using scales, however this corn starch failed me. How much actually your suggested use of cornstarch for this recipe in grams?

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