Thai Barbecued Pork Recipe. Cooking Moo Yang


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  1. Thanks for this recipe and the one on your backyard BBQ!!! I love oyster sauce, soy sauce and our worcestershire sauce (not in this recipe lol). You truly can cook as I have previously tried some of your recipes but too lazy to go back and find them after making them to put a comment. I still run into people who don't know to smash garlic for easy peeling. You can smash again to make it easier to chop or 'mortar'. It's easier to chop a flattened, smashed clove than a round one LOL I also see peeps fight to move food not realizing food will release naturally when properly seared. If it's not releasing, let it be for a bit. You had that part down pat too 😉 Nice job Darren.

  2. I've got my first attempt at this marinating overnight. Love your videos Darren I head to Thailand once a year I found your Phuket street food and market videos really helpful before my last trip in October. Keep them coming legend

  3. Darren
    Really enjoy your blogs you obviously know your grub.I saw a Thai dish which I think were like a stewed pork rib it just fell off the bone.Do you know this dish?
    Cheers Gamel.

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