Texas Style BBQ Pork Spare Ribs Recipe


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  1. Thanks a lot for the video. Those ribs look great. I noticed from the video that after the cook you allow your dome to cool slightly before closing all the vents fully. Can i ask why, as I always fully close all vents right away. I'm new to kamado cooking so I appreciate the advice. Many thanks from Australia!

  2. You Know You Want it BBQ Sauce = OUTSTANDING! Here is a side recipe that goes great with ribs. I just invented it yesterday by combining two recipes and adding cornbread. This stuff is so good it should be illegal. This recipe is BBQ Beans and Fried Corn Casserole. Use something like a large cast iron Lodge bean pot and saute chopped up bacon, a whole onion, bell pepper and crushed garlic. Add in a stick of butter or so and fresh corn from several ears. After the veggies are tender and the corn is just getting a little crisp, remove from the pot to a separate bowl. Add to the bean pot 6 or 8 cans of beans, liquid and all, pork n beans, navy, pinto, kidney, mix and match. You then add in yellow mustard, brown sugar. black pepper, BBQ sauce (plenty), leftover pulled pork and plenty of Rendezvous BBQ rub. Mix well. Add in the previously sauted bacon, corn and veggies and mix well again. Cook in a 350° oven for an hour or so until some of the liquid has cooked down. In another bowl mix up some Jiffy cornbread or whatever cornbread mix you like. Pour the cornbread mix on top of the HOT beans and bake according to cornbread directions. After it is done, let cool and serve with the YKYWI BBQ sauce drizzled on the cornbread and beans casserole. It will knock your socks off. EDIT: For you chiliheads or otherwise, add in some good quality Habanero or hotter hot sauce for extra kick.

  3. From one carnivore to the other, if you could just pass me one rib through the screen…
    I'd stop chewing my monitor (dang! that plasma sure leaves a funky taste on the backside…texture's not so bad tho…;)
    Xcellent cook! And they talk about Hunger Games 😉 D

    OK, no rib? I'll just take your napkin, 'cuz the ribs are gone by now! (Xtra sauce please!) No wait..I got some on the way…by golly I think  Manuel will get rich! Or at least very busy 🙂

  4. Glad you were finally able to try some YKYWI BBQ Sauce. Those ribs were an excellent choice to use his sauces on. BTW, the ribs looked fantastic brother!!! I like both sauces, but the spicy is my favorite too.

  5. Hey, Smoky!   🙂   Love your videos!   I'M gettin'  "fired up"  after watching this one!   <lol>
    I'm heating up my Weber for today's grilling even as I type    😀     Thumbs up!

    Wishing you and Terynia a very Happy (and Tasty)  Labor Day weekend!   🙂    Joe

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