Teriyaki Steak for Dinner!


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  1. That steak looked so good – thank you for a simple and very quick dinner idea. Also, I have never watched a cooking videos where there was no talking and I absolutely loved it. Love listening to you talk but I actually have a headache and it's hot in australia. I was having a cold icey and just watching your clip in peace. Will definitely make this for dinner.

  2. I used rib eye to, but it not burning like yours, it's taste bitter? I dont know if it medium rare or not bc my beef still have the juices, n i feel nausea when eating it . Can you make video fo steak again? From medium rare to welldone

  3. I always love to see you and Jacob's smiling faces BUT I also really really like these very soothing and relaxing videos too!! Please keep both formats!! ❤️ ♥️

  4. Hey Seokyoung! Great video, again! No offense:
    When I do a steak in a pan, I only rub the steak with oil. So the the oil will not burn easily, 'cause it's stuck to the temperature of the steak.
    I lately found this one from John Quilter (Food Busker):
    I thought of those insights as amazing!
    If I was your mom, I'd ask you: have you come to listen to some beautiful music, today? (Off topice, I know, I know!) Eivoer:

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