Teriyaki Chicken Bowl Recipe – Popular Japanese Fast Food


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  1. For authentic flavor you need MSG. Countless scientists since the 1960s have attempted to prove the harmful effects of MSG and have failed. There nothing bad about MSG for you, but some people are psychological sensitive to it after decades of being told its bad and get headaches from it. You can buy it from Asian markets in containers similar to salt shakers.

  2. Looks good! 🙂 i hope you flipped that chicken after you added that marinade on the cook side of the chicken… 🙂 from my understanding… Placing the marinade where you placed the uncooke chicken on top of the cooked part makes it contaminated somehow… Idk… 🙂 just concerned… :p

  3. @TheHeartfullofmusic
    I would recommend you pan fry the chicken until the outside is done then throw it in the oven for maybe 10 minutes at 350 degrees. Cut the chicken open at the thickest point to make sure there's no "pink" or raw chicken. Thanks for watching.

  4. Great recipe!Cooked it 3 days ago and my family loved it. Easy, fast and delicious way to prepare chicken dish.I am gonna prepare the same tonight and do the broccoli as well.

  5. @divinechef Sadly many restaurants in California that claim they are Japanese are actually Korean.

    The real Japanese version of this dish is similar to Gyūdon 牛丼, except with chicken :). There is also another called Oyakodon which is quite different from this one, but give it a try!

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