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  1. Mo! Mo! Mo!  I waiting for my final 30 mins of simmering.  I only used beef though as didn't have chicken.  Omutuo rice also cooking.. Anyway, half co guy in Warsaw cooking for Obroni wife and da kids.  I love your videos which allow me to mix up my families meals as the Mrs. isn't that keen on cooking let alone Gh food and I love my Gh food!

  2. Eeii sweet this style of not cooking the groundnut paste a bit before adding to the chicken dierr…because of you I'll try it..my hubby likes using that formula but I'm not that comfortable with it..it turns out good though

  3. My soup just got ready, Yehowa it tastes so good, just that I cooked my peanut butter on the side a little bit for oil to form, before adding to soup just to speed up things a little bit, thanks sweet 😘

  4. My sister, this soup is delicious. Made it today and hubby and I ate it twice in a row. He loves it and said he can just lick it. He stood over the pot to inhale the aroma😂😂. We ate it with fresh green plantain fufu. Thanks so much for sharing, from your Nigerian sister

  5. Just realised that I haven't commented on this mind blowing tasty peanut butter soup recipe. Even though I didn't get all your spices, Sweet, this soup really really really is the deal. Everybody enjoyed it. I have a whole story on this your recipe but that's for another day… Lol. Thanks for instilling confidence in me. As for the shitor…if you know you know.

  6. I am subscribing today at this moment. Seriously oh. I saw the omotuo video. You replied to a comment on someone requesting you to make this dish. You mentioned you will do a video. Here I have found it. You kept your word and proceeded in a timely manner. Asante sana( I appreciate) B-)

  7. Good morning how are you and ur Family? Hope all is well with you.Your peanut soup looks sooo good and yummy I'm American but marriage to nigeria I just love that peanut soup.Have a bless day.

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