TASTY CURRY CHICKEN | Easy food recipes for dinner to make at home – cooking videos


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  1. Wow I
    Made it today and my hubby loved it , that’s all that matters to me!!! Ps: I did add cumin powder ,hot red pepper flakes , half and half , cream cheese and cherry tomatoes on top
    Of the tomato juice I used instead ..👍🏻

  2. It came out amazing could use a bit more curry powder I think but I added rice to mine Haha and props to the cook for making something of your own even if it's not "curry" thanks for the recipe

  3. I would use Greek plain yogurt instead of cream and instead of tomato sauce, I would use chopped tomatoes, also powder is okay if you don’t know ingredients but in that case I would season the chicken like in a preferred curry paste before adding, add 2/3 chillis with the onions and also when finished I would defo add Coriander before serving 🙂

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