Tasty chicken pepper soup recipe for winter | A must try!


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  1. What happens to watching your chicken with lime or lemon and vinegar, the sterilising all utensils, knives, sink with very hot water and the surrounding with bleach? But knives must not be soaked in the water for any long periods as they will be welcome dull. Just keep them in the hot soapy water for a few minutes, then wash and rinse.

    As from catering teachings, chicken is easily contaminated and also can make you sick from salmonella.

    Chicken can also look real fresh and clean, but can be full of salmonella. When dealing with chicken it must be handled with care, washed properly, then sterilised everything and everywhere, also your hands.

  2. God bless you ma you have inspired me a lot before I saw your channel I feel like why am going to cook because am single mummy with my only son but have learn a lot from your channel to keep food in the freezer and still fresh God bless you

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