Tartiflette Recipe – French Potato, Bacon, and Cheese Casserole


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  1. When the onions release water you add the bacon, the water helps the bacon release fat – i don't know why, it just does :)) So the bacon gives up more fat and gets really crispy 🙂

  2. John can you possibly do a video of how you clean your Cuisinart pots and pans after you have cooked in them. We have the same set of pots and pans and want to know how to clean them if there are stuff sticking to the bottom.

  3. Oh…I forgot to tell you, I had a little homemade Alfredo Sauce leftover from the night before so I used that instead of the Crème Fraiche (I live in the middle of nowhere so Crème Fraiche is hard to come by…smile) It was out-of-this-world AMAZING!!! Because it is so rich, I thought this would be a once-a-year dish (like Macaroni and Cheese); however, this dish is SO addictive, I had to make it again.

  4. Chef John, I have watched many videos on this recipe; but, yours by far is the BEST!!! This dish is amazing. In fact, my potatoes are in the pot and I am making it for dinner today. Yum!!!

  5. Potatoes, bacon & onion, white wine, creme fraiche, stinky cheese. I'd bet it would be terrific with just sour cream and… well, I'll have to see what cheese I can find at my local, but I'd bet it would be terrific. If anyone might suggest a cheese available at my not-so-diverse market?

  6. Can't believe I just ordered French cheese and sausages online @ 5:30am! Thx to a blogger on ur website, found this source for Reblochon:
    You're all a bad influence! 😉
    *Update: received delivery of what I thought would be Reblochon instead it was a pasteurized version called "Prefere de Fromi". Have not made yet- will probably be just as good but I have no way of knowing just the reviews which say as much.

  7. Looks amazing, I made a version of this, it was Cheese and Potato Nests by Rachel Khoo and even though I didn't have Reblochon cheese it was still divine but now I want to find a way to try it.

  8. Fuck you and your channel, i'm on diet and you always make me break it and always make me clean the floor coz my watery mouth just doesn't stop running, so why i click it? i dunno…, so fuck you Jhon, you and your skills, your voice, your shaved hands. love you man. for real.

  9. Oh this looks like something even I could make… I understand from the comments that Brie is not an option…. Haha.. oke, let me see if I can find that Reblochon and let me read the Blogpost first. ~ Chef John, this looks absolutely delicious! Never seen such a dish. Btw. DATE??? I thought you were married. No? How did it go? x

  10. Oh, dear Chef! You state here that you fancy recipes that you didn't know yet? So what about a Russian dish modestly named "Herring under a Fur Coat"? It's a quite fun holiday salad I'd highly suggest to you 🙂

  11. Oh Chef John, how have I not discovered you sooner? I love everything about you. Your voice, your sense of humour and just your whole demeanour. Your food looks pretty delicious too.

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