Tan France Shares His Mum's Secret Chicken & Mushroom Curry Recipe with Tastemade


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  2. Yasss representation, loved it when Tan said that most Indian/Pakistani food isn’t about heat but depth of flavour 💕 white people have given our cuisine a bad reputation

  3. Thank you Tan, (I bow down gracefully) for this heavenly dish, but….. thank you even more for the great music! So soft & fragrant, deep and warm. Romantic and sweet. If the dish is as magastic as the music….sigh it will be the ambrosia on earth. Merci Tan merci beaucoup!

  4. I can’t stop watching the videos of Tan, he is authentic, funny, beautiful, and keeps me being positive! And he cooks? He is too talented.
    I made this curry and it turned out amazing! The best curry I’ve ever had. Thanks for sharing your mom’s secret recipe, Tan!

  5. Can you do a video where you get people to send you pictures of their outfits on Instagram and you rate them/ give advice on the pictures they send you? Would love to hear you roast my outfits hahaha

  6. I'm sure I'm gonna get lynched for this but for anyone that just can't eat cilantro (because dish soap, anyone????) , I suggest exchanging it for fresh parsley in any dish that includes it in the recipe! That's the beauty of most recipes: they are guidelines only!

  7. Wow this actually looks doable even for someone like me. I've tried to make a few curries before but it never tasted quite right. It seems like I undercooked the onions and spices. Really great tips Tan!! Also I'm really proud of you for being such a good South Asian representation in Western media. We adore you!!

  8. Yum, i made this the other day and spent ages browning the onions – but yep the flavour of the sauce was awesome. Sadly the chicken was over-cooked but that was my fault because I used quite thin strips of chicken. Going to attempt this again 🙂

  9. Tan, as a Mirpuri who is trying from to redefine what it means to be Mirpuri from the inside out, I salute you. I don't know if you're Mirpuri but you probably know what I mean regardless. I ran away from my culture for so long, but people like you are showing me that the definition of it can change into something better – not better in the eyes of others, but better in how I feel about it personally. Thanks.

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