Tamagoyaki Recipe – Japanese Cooking 101


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  1. For a slight umami kick, I add some powdered dashi to my eggs before cooking them. The best part about making tamago in a round frying pan, is that you can trim off the edges and eat them, then worry about presentation. XD A little taste-test for the chef!

  2. This is a nice update to your previous video to show that it is possible to do in a round pan! I had to figure it out myself the first round so I never have had to use a square pan, but this will be good for the newbies. 😂

  3. Love your channel. I never tried it before cuz didnt have typical pan (have round one) but when I saw this ohh I made it right away! And it was delicious thank u very much for sharing. Keep up the good work. 👌😊😍

  4. It seems obvious now that you've showed me but I never considered making it in a round pan! I never made tamagoyaki before because I didn't want to buy a square one. I'm going to go downstairs right now and try to make some!

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