Takoyaki-Japanese Octopus Balls (RECIPE)


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  1. you guys are killing me. I'll love to try tokoyaki.???? I need the tokoyaki grill and some of the ingridients. but I'm certain that some day I'll make them. looks So delicious ????

  2. nice video / but the recipe is so complex with the puffed rice and chives… i have been in osaka and it seemed a bit more simpler / easier to make – continue tour good work ! – bye – leo

  3. When I went to Japan, I never got a chance to eat takoyaki! Everywhere we went, it was either 'just' started cooking or sold out! At least now I'll get to try it. Thanks a lot!

  4. I have a question, I know it's kinda random but I'm going to try!
    what exactly is the dashi powder(sorry if I spelled it wrong) I have a fish allergy (but can eat tuna and shellfish) do you think I'm safe eating something with dashi powder in it?

  5. It looks so delightful. I have never ate octopus but I have tried many other types of seafood and have always liked it all. Lobster and clam, every type of fish as well. These look very delicious, I wish they made them here where I live. They look very tedious to make but it looks well worth it in the end.

  6. Oh! lol, I bought a takoyaki pan after hours of binge-watching takoyaki videos on youtube. I made them for the first time and I was kind of bummed out because the middle was a little runny (not too runny) and I totally thought they were undercooked. They tasted amazing but I thought that I made them wrong and if I had cooked them longer, they would have burned.. So now that I know that the insides are supposed to be creamy, I think I'll be making a lot more!! lol

  7. Satoshi is so cute and funny! 🙂 I also like my Takoyaki with Mayo and a lot of Katsuobushi! I don't like eating Takoyaki without it! 😉 Oh, and I also eat Takoyaki in one bite too, Shinichi! Always burn my mouth. LOL. 

    By the way, Okonomiyaki recipe, please!

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