Taiwanese Scallion Pancake Beef Rolls (牛肉捲餅) | Appetizer Recipe


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  1. Had these last night at Noodle 101 in Alhambra, CA. Pretty yummy. Very heavy though. The pancake was fried and oily, which made it super tasty. Leftovers made an awesome breakfast.

  2. 很多、很多年前,公司位於信義路二段,對面就是永康街。

  3. Hi. I am a big fan. Just a tip or something to be aware of. I have noticed that you often say "go ahead"/"gone ahead". I think this maybe due to "translation" process. You don't have to keep saying "go ahead" as often as you do. For example you say "I'm just going ahead and…" or "just go ahead and…" or " I've gone ahead and …"

    This is happening with a lot of the Asian YouTubers. Hot Thai Kitchen also does this, though not as much. So I think it maybe a cultural thing.

    But "You can just go ahead" and remove it from your sentences or more simply put, remove it when it's not essential to the sentence. 😊

    Love your videos though. xx

  4. So funny because I want to say that I love her dress, she looks very cute. But the sad thing is the fact that she don't show us the green pancake recipe.

  5. Angel you're sweet and savory too! I use the frozen scallion pancakes, and get them crunchy. The hoisen sauce is kind of salty. Sometimes I'll put a fried egg inside the roll too.

  6. Hey we get to see Angel's right ear 0:39. I was starting to think she kept it tucked away because it was hideously deformed. Nope, it's just as lovely as the left one. Lol. I hope you find this in good humor.

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