Taiwanese Daikon Radish & Pork Rib Soup Recipe


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  1. That outfit on you made me have to rewind. You're breathtaking! I'm not trying to detract from your amazing skills. I subscribed because I love your style of presentation. Your cooking skills and music and everything are just perfect. But for some reason…I just had to say something.

  2. Hi Angel,  Just wanted to say I love all your videos and have made all your dishes except the desert ones which I will try soon.  By the way, I saw in this video that you have the cilantro in a mason jar.  Can you let me know how you plant them?  Do you use plain water or with soil?  I would like to make one too in my kitchen.  Thanks!

  3. I'm so glad I found your channel! Please make a recipe for 牛肉麵 beef noodle soup! Especially for how to braise the beef shank perfectly… I bought one the other day and I'm kind of scared to cook it because it was expensive and I'm scared I'll mess it up lol. Also how to make 小籠包soup dumplings, 水煎包 pan-fried steam buns, 大腸麵線 and 鳳爪 dimsum style chicken feet, those are my absolute favorite!

  4. I'm so thankful I found your channel! I never know the English names for any of the dishes my mom or amah would make so recreating some from memory that is long lost can be hard. I also like that some of your videos has the Taiwanese name, can you put the Taiwanese name on all your videos? It would be super helpful =)

  5. hey Angel, Angel here! have you had this Taiwanese clam soup before? it's like clams and ginger, maybe daikon? I remember having it in Taiwan before and can't find it anywhere in the states! I'm not sure what it's called either 😣

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