Swiss Steak dinner recipe from Chaplin’s New London CT


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  1. I discovered Jack's videos recently and have enjoyed seeing his recipes and operation. I am going to make a point to fly down to Groton and drive over New London to enjoy his cooking. I hope one of the networks constructs a show around Jack's recipes and personality. I really love the look of the bar construction at his other restaurant next door.

  2. My late mother used round steak. And, butcher shop machine twice tenderized. Then made sure that some of the flour was blackened like charcoal – just a bit…..before adding tomato sauce. The best.

  3. This guy is a national asset. Jack is keeping the classics alive! This is old school cooking at its best. I have been a cook (not a chef) for over 40 years and this is what we have been doing. No fancy frothy BS just good simple food.

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