SWEETY KI YOUTUBE CHANNEL ?? Summer Special Dinner Recipes / Routine | Maitreyee's Hindi Family Vlog


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  1. You can make ghee at home, it is so easy, just get high-quality unsalted butter and put it our stove in a pan, and in few minutes it melts and you will see clear bubbles, and the ghee is done, remove the ghee in one airtight container, and the remaining residue, put some dry thin poha, and fry it over gas for some time in the same pan, and when it becomes slightly roasted switch off the gas and remove it from the stove, so that it should not burn, otherwise you get burning smell, then when it cools down, add few spoons of sugar as per taste, and elaichi powder, and mix it well and then eat it, it is like Bhagwan ka Mandir ka Prasad, you will love it, this is my Grandma recipe. Try it and let me know how it is, you will forget other sweets, it is so tasty. This recipe can be made only when you make Ghee, with the remaining residue, it is called Gasi in the Kannada language, I don't know what it is called in Hindi, that dish can be made. Try it and let me know for sure, See I am also Great Cook.
    I cook great food, simple but very tasty food, I wanted to run my youtube channel of cooking and talking, but my husband does not like it, he tells me nazar lag jayega dishes ko, so don't make the cooking channel. Make teaching channel, as I am basically an Electronics Engineer, but I learned computers when computer demand came and worked as a software engineer here in the USA until my son was born. Now I am planning to open a teaching channel, but you know with the kid, with household work, with so busy schedule, I keep postponing it. Maybe one day I might start. While having a tea you and your husband were eating chapthi, here you can make sugar chapathi, you will find the recipe in youtube channel. The sugar rotis are so tasty, you will forget other sweets, you should put some ghee over the sugar roti and eat it, my sons one of the favorite dishes. Like mangoes are called phal ka raja, I call sugar parathas as sweets ka raja. I don't know if you have tried or not, it will be very good in lunch box for your daughter, when you give her bread and banana for lunch, sometimes make the sugar parathas and apply some homemade ghee over it and give her, She would love it, and she might demand to eat this more often. I hope you are reading all my comments, as I write very lengthy comments. My husband was telling why you are writing to her so much, does she read your comment I doubt, so reply to me if you are reading all my comments or not. If I don't get a reply then I will stop writing to you. As it will save my time. And I will only watch your videos. As you ask in every video comment karke jaroor batana, that is the reason I write. I know people write one-two line comments, but I am a story writer, I like to write in detail. I love to write and talk a lot. I always keep my husband and my son busy with my interesting talking. They feel entertained always, they always tell me your talk is so informative. Love you dear as usual.

  2. As I am in America, I miss India very badly, I am from Hyderabad, Taras jati hu Apni jagah ko dekhne ke liye, par kya karu Rakshas ma, baap, bhai aur behan hai, So through your channel I get to see India so much, especially when you show Mumbai, when I see autos, traffic, I love it.
    As you miss your calcutta, I miss my India. Thanks, Maitryee for showing Mumbai, Mumbai ka traffic. Even in America, the traffic started to build up from a couple of years. Almost it started to look like India, as I am in Bay area where it is full of Indians. But we dont talk, don't even smile, everyone is busy in their own work. Here you don't get any help, everything you have to do yourself, if you hire help, only some Punjabis, or Gujaratis or Mexicans come to work, They charge heavily like $60 to $75 per hour just to clean the bathroom and house, Sometimes they charge $180 depending on the size of the house. So we are the first generation, and my husband works and I stay home and I don't work, so it is expensive for me to hire help. So I am busy all day long in the household chores. Sometimes when I feel tired I hire help to clean my house, as I have my independent house. And so expensive, whatever we earn we give in taxes, heavy taxes here in the US, especially California, Bay area is a very expensive place, and there are so many rules, like we have to maintain our garden in front of our house, I have huge open space in front of my house, if one day it is not clean, We get notice from County, to clean it within 3 days, otherwise we are heavily fined, and they summon to court also. So we have to have a Gardener for sure, so i pay my Gardener $60 just for 2 visits, and he works for 15 to 20 minutes every visit, to keep my front yard and back yard clean, heavy electricity bill, gas bill, phone bill, Dish network bill, this bill that bill, with one hand we earn money and with another hand we give it back to the US government in the form of bills and taxes. This is life in US, heavy medical insurance, though company covers they deduct like I think $1000 or so from the salary and when we visit Doctor, we have to pay a copayment, and for medicines, we have to pay a copayment, on top of having insurance. Horrible life here, sometimes I feel like coming back to India, just because of my bad parents and brother and sister, I stay here. Now I got used to it, my husband tells that the US means work like Donkey. So you are lucky that you are in India, at least you are not controlled by the Government so much. Here I feel more like Dictatorship than Democracy. Kams ka Rajya, you have to follow rules and you cannot construct the house as you want, you have to have the house the way the community is, though I have plenty of space in front of my house, I cannot build whatever I want, I have to have garden in front of the house, and the garden should be as per govt code. like there you have to have grass, and grass needs to be green all the time, the trees need to be trimmed always and they should look very beautiful etc etc. This is life in USA. Food is horrible in restaurants here etc

  3. Sugar dile taste ta authenticity pay. Bengali veg dish e amra deboi debo. Ghee ta ki amazon e Pabo? Cause amr Chele k home made ghee dite bolechn but Seta amr pokkhe possible na eka baccha nie.

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