Sweet & Sour Pork Recipe | Easy Asian Keto Pork Dish


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  1. Have I said it before? Love you kids, along with your recipes. I've just read a book on keto by Dr Berg and you've made me so happy being able to have sweet and sour ANYTHING after all. I'm saying it again. I love you two. & thanks.

  2. About the sause, they can cook it thick because the base of the sause is oil. If you really want to know how that sause is made I'm recommand you to watch @美食作家王刚‘s 松鼠鱼video. And no, we don't use gutter oil in china, that rarely happens . Please don't badmouth about something you don't understand.

  3. I was wondering if you added a few pinches of xanthan gum or psyllium husk to sauce if it'll thicken it up without having to reduce sauce down too much — and the breading, I was wondering if you coated the meat 1st in xanthan/husk then into egg-wash then coated and set it aside 10min before frying it up if it'll turn out more like the original version…. just suggesting (food-for-thought)… because I'm also gonna try to make this recipe and was gonna try it with my suggestions. just wanted to comment to see if anyone else can make a suggestion.

  4. Hi Guys! I just wanted to say thank you – I bought your book a week ago and have been following the meal plan/recipes for 7 days and already getting compliments! I feel and look amazing!

  5. I have a question for you guys! I've been on keto for over a month now, but I've been seeing recipes for bread that include ' vital wheat gluten' is this product ok with keto? reading about it, it says it doesn't have the starch from wheat and it's just protein. (in case you have a video about it, please point me to it)

  6. Also Chic-Fil-a chicken clone..straight pickle juice brine (any non sugar pickle juice) chicken breast cut into strips in a bag or sealed bowl overnight…. pat dry, egg wash and pork rind it like here and fry.. You're Welcome.

  7. Wow this is a fresh fresh post! So guys I got the ebook after watching the videos! I love how spontaneous you guys are and I love the cat and the dog showing up…hah!

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