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  1. I heard every word and enjoyd the video and soon to try this recipe..I subbed your channel and thumbs up,Please do the same after all we love cooking ,learning and sharing,,Oh good job Cloey….Awsome performance and helper….Thank you

  2. You are such a super mom in this video! Love how you balanced the energy of your daughter with the purpose of the video and you showed other parents how they can cook with their kids in the kitchen! Now I need to go get nutmeg, ayiyiyyi

  3. Love your recipe.
    BTW your daughter reminds me of my little girl when we cook and backed together 😉 .. I am happy seeing her interested in it 🙂 keep it up ^^ its fun having kids in the kitchen

  4. I am appalled at the people who called her daughter annoying. What kid DOESN'T want to help cook? My DD isn't old enough yet (11m), but my nephew is always wanting to do this or that, and he loses his shit if I tell him he can't.

    Your daughter was just fine.

  5. I noticed people who commented about your daughter being annoying are kids themselves. Pay no mind I have 3 kids and kids will be kids. Continue to put them in your videos 🙂

  6. Your daughter acts like my son, he's not always like that. Sometimes he's just a little more hipper than usual. However I live cooking with him. Don't listen to the rude comments. They should be grateful you put up these free videos.

  7. Love it!!! This is just how my home looks when my daughter is cooking with me. "I wanna do it. I wanna do it!!" It takes all of my energy to be calm and I'm exhausted by the end, yet it's fun.

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