Sweet Potato (Dessert Recipe) スイートポテトの作り方 レシピ


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  1. i've tried this in a restaurant a few months ago – which is why i thought to search for the recipe, it's really good! like a sweet potato custard mash.

  2. getting the potatoe out of the skin without destroying it, is a work of god. this lady must be a high witch.

    I simply spooned into cupcake foils,, and followed the recipe. awesome way to get people to enjoy sweet potatoes

  3. Help! What am I doing wrong if no matter how long I have it on the stow, it just never gets firm and shapeable? It's still just like mashed potatoes.. 🙁

  4. I made this as a snack to eat with coffee a few weeks ago, and it was great.  I'll definitely make it again.  Thanks for all your great recipes!

  5. What I would do if I were you is use a mixture of brown sugar and demerara sugar instead of white sugar to replicate the flavor of rum – although I'm being a nosey parker, being neither a chef nor Japanese.

  6. Is it possible to make this without the rum, what would I substitute for it? I don't really like alcohol that much. I'm pretty sure you don't taste it but as I said I'm not a big fan of alcohol.

  7. I'm making this but modified the recipe slightly. I used the potatoes with condensed milk, vanilla and one egg yolk. They're still in the oven so I'm hoping for the best!! Wish me luck XD

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