Sweet Mochi Recipe – Japanese Cooking 101


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  1. I was really excited, and followed this recipe to the T, with all the right ingredients, but I ended up with Sauerkraut. Very unfortunate — but my dough looks just like a dish of Sauerkraut, with huge, hard sugar crystals forming strands, and the dough being a big chunky mess, not smooth at all, even though it came out perfect from the steamer; everything started going wrong when I added the sugar. 🙁 Any idea what went wrong?

  2. Eh, SUGOI?? I came here because i always see mochi in GINTAMA and i wondered, what was that they're eating and here I am. hehe this will be a good dessert paired with strawberry milk?

  3. Mochi at Yogurtland is so good! There is a suggestion above the matcha flavor saying that matcha and mochi is delicious and i tried it and the yogurt was delicious!

  4. so many negative comments about too much sugar. Dessert is different all over the world, mochi is not something you have every day it's a treat, so it's eaten sparingly and usually on special occasions. The video said if you plan on eating it the same day you make it, to add less sugar. the extra sugar is to give it a desired look even when stored for later use.

    Like I said this is not an every day type of dessert. Thank you for sharing this video ? I love all the videos you share. I appreciate all the hard work and effort you all put into making these.

  5. Hi, I am a big fan of yours, you made me really love to make japanese and many other kind of sweets..I want to make this but I am allergic to corn starch, and don't want too much sugar, is there any other way ? ?

  6. In Taïwan i tried mochi filled with a mix of sesame-sugar is it the same receip?? I love mochi and I want to do it at home in France so it's good to see a video like that who explain how to do ;-)

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