Sushi Sandwiches – Easy School Lunch Recipes – Weelicious


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  1. Thanks for sharing this awesome video it was a relief for my mommy she gave me sushi sandwiches for my lunch in school otherwise she can never decide that what snacks she should give me. Btw you and your son Kenya are both very cute. Sorry If I spelled it wrong😃👌👍

  2. My children have been looking up ideas for school and have been watching this channel in particular. Very good ideas and they look so yummy my son has already made a list of videos he wants me to watch and try. Love the ideas thank u

  3. I cant eat cream cheese so what would be a good option to use as a base to keep the roll sticking to itself?  I was thinking maybe mayonnaise depending on the other ingredients

  4. What's tapenade? Sorry I don't know how to spell that word. And I will make this for my breakfast as it's the summer holidays right now😊 great video as always 😙 I will put……… Peanut butter and jelly or peanut butter and banana or something no……. I can't decide! Will it work if I toast the bread? As in will it roll up just as nice when it's not toasted? 

  5. Finally a use for flat bread!

    We have teenagers around here that likes to go around and squeeze the bread – SO not fun getting to the middle of a loaf only to find your bread squished by a total stranger!

    They're also the ones who also go down the chip aisle and punch the chip bags – total jerks!

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