Suppli al Telefono (Arancini), Italian Recipe – Gianni’s North Beach


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  1. ciao  Gianni, sorry I hit a wrong button and I deleted the messages I have written below anyway thanks I hope you make this recipe and delicious anchio I also like the smoked cheese with good appetite to you hello soon

  2. Both Delfina and Tony's are excellent. I'm partial to Tony's because it's in North Beach. Lots of pizza styles to choose from. Tony has really added a buzz to the neighborhood with his pizza place on Stockton @ Union, Slice House next door and Capo's on Vallejo near Columbus.

  3. Make sure you fry suppli in hot oil, at least 300 degrees, to ensure the suppli brown nicely and don't absorb much oil. I guess before telephones they were just called suppli. That's the simple name you see most often in Rome.

  4. Looks so delicious Gianni! Beautifully golden brown and not greasy at all!!

    I wonder about the origin of the name, Italian names are so simply and aptly descriptive… but what was it called before telephone lines existed?
    Surely this was a dish that has long been part of Italian culture.

  5. That's a great question about the EQ used, I think your production quality is quite good!
    And would like to add that the audio is top notch, and crucial to a good video – one more thing which definitely separates the amateurs from the pros…you have a separate mic system, instead of using the T2i's microphone, …. but that is more stuff to buy (or rent 😉 but it certainly makes a difference!

  6. we usually just shoot with a single Canon T2i and a couple of lights, but sometimes we experiment with other equipment such as the Sony FS700 (which has some great features, but may be too pricey for non-professional use – though renting one is pretty reasonable).

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