SUPER SPICY! Beef and Pepper Stir-fry Recipe


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  1. Mike, if you want to take that dish to the next level use New Mexico Hatch chile. It is much hotter, much more delicious version of the green pepper. You won't even need jalapenos.

  2. WARNING! Don't remove the pepper seeds with your fingers! The first time I did that with jalapenos, my fingertips burned for several days. I could not wash that capsaicin oil out of my skin. I use a spoon now and try holding the pepper from the outside while removing the seeds.

  3. when i cook my beef i usually keep it whole so I can char up the outside on a grill, still rare on the inside, then cut in to fine strips and mix for 30 seconds with the vegetables/ sauce in the wok.. this gives off a little more taste and not overcooking the beef and making it hard to chew..

  4. i been a watching a number of your videos man, the other science one & first cooking vid.

    Just wanted to say you have a GREAT sense of humor bro! lol i love it!
    "good bless you "

    remember, Good IS God !

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