SUPER EASY Sticky Honey Glazed Pork 蜜汁排骨 Super Yummy Chinese Recipe


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  1. Would u recommend corn flour or potato starch? I have tried corn flour to fry & find that the coating is a little dry and hard. Will potato starch be a better substitute? Btw, can this recipe be done with sliced pork belly instead? Otherwise the pork looks absolutely delicious. 👍

  2. Do you use a standard measuring tablespoon (15ml) and teaspoon (5 ml) for your recipes?

    The sauce was really salty, I think I’ll half the light and dark soy sauce next time.

    And I didn’t know that cornflour = cornstarch, so unfortunately my pork was not as crispy as yours!

    Will try again to perfect it!

    Thanks as always!

  3. hi! hope you don't find this question weird. But, I'm just learning my way around the kitchen so, really need to ask… When do you use white pepper vs black pepper? I've been seasoning meat with black pepper, rarely with white ones, so would appreciate your input. thanks again!

  4. Finally see your face 🙂 If I do not put ginger, will it affect the taste? Can I add in ketchup, like the king pork ribs? Thanks for posting, sharing and teaching.

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