SUPER EASY Steamed Chinese Chicken w/ Mushroom Recipe 香菇蒸滑


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  1. I have just tried this out. The dish turned out fine in the end, but it was not as convenient as in your video: when my rice was done after 15 minutes, my drumlets were still a bit uncooked inside. Since I had no moisture left in the rice cooker to continue steaming them, I transferred the dish to a wok with boiling warter continuing my steaming there. Thus the beauty of having everything ready in one pot and go was not given – a pity. But anyway, the taste was good!

  2. Do you have almond guy ding recipe with chicken Broccoli almonds bean sprouts . I really would appreciate it if you would do this recipe I haven't had it in years. Thank you very much this is Ivana from Canada.❤️

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