SUPER EASY Singapore Bak Kwa Recipe- Chinese Pork Jerky 自制肉干


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  1. Just made this and it worked out really well, Thank you. My wife is from Malaysia and loves the stuff, I never realised it was so easy to make. Well tonight she is a happy woman.

  2. Nooooo!!! Don't put the paper with the pork directly onto the oven rack; put it in a baking sheet with sides so the juices don't overflow onto the oven floor, and never pour out the juices directly onto the oven floor. Not only does that make your oven unnecessarily dirty and fill your kitchen with smoke, but it's a big fire hazard.

  3. Thanks PQ Susan SD.That takes away my confusion.Haha not really knowledgeable abt diff pts of pork/beef n planning to make this bak kwa for CNY coming Feb.😍😋😂Also Thanks SnP, y'all doing a great job, no offence meant😘😘

  4. What can I say? You have done it again. Simplifying another CNY fav! Cheers! For all those abroad in places where they don’t have Bak Kwa, have fun trying this out .

  5. Can't believe it's so easy according to your recipe, I definitely going to make it. Thank you so much, my daughter loves it so much but I can't find it here, now I can make myself at home. Thank you and pray you have another prosperous year 2019! Happy New Year.

  6. Spice n Pans, looks like this is easiest way to make bak kwa!!! Sure gonna try THIS one.Thank you for helping me giving tasty N inexpensive bak kwa.Thanks n 😋😋😋

  7. So gonna try this for new year!! I like eating bak kwa between buttered toast. Sometimes I dip them into soft boiled eggs too haha, like an upgraded kaya toast 😂

  8. I absolutely hate your channel! You are responsible for a 2.6kg weight gain! I totally regret the day i subscribed to it! Anyway, I'm going to try this recipe later.

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