SUPER Easy CRISPY Pork Knuckle SECRET Recipe Revealed! Oven Baked


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  1. Looks great. But Ive seen videos where they tested the same cut side by side and they said there is no difference if you put vinegar on or not. Both came out the same.

  2. What a chef. No dripping pan. Who’s going to clean the oven. Besides the grease will run out of the oven onto the floor. Are you asking Ramsey to give you shit to make you famous. 😂

  3. I thought this video was awesome but holy crap man, I was seriously concerned watching your knife skills. You are setting a terrible safety example. Someone less lucky, or less skilled (and to be fair a llot of people lookin on YT for cooking videos are) That mean should have been on a non moveable surface like a wooden chopping board with a towel underneath it. Not a slippery surface like stainless steel metal.

  4. What a coincidence, I just cooked three pieces last nite, but different process by cooking the meat in the pot first after one hr and put in the oven for another hr to get crispy skin. I will try yours next time. Thanks for sharing

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