Super Easy Cold Weather Recipe: Drunken Chicken 醉鸡 Chinese Chicken Recipe | Chinese Wine Chicken


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  1. Tried this recipe yesterday, I guess my soy sauce and shaoxing wine were not low sodium, it was too salty for me, need to figure the amount to put in next time, but the taste is soooooooo comforting especially for winter. I enjoyed it so much. I added water to reduce the saltiness.

  2. This is one of my fave, but my family cooked it in simpler way only using sesame oil, ginger, angciu n the whole chicken cut to pieces. My grandma cooked it whenever someone in my big family in recharging her energy after pregnancy. N I usually the one who always nagging to HV a small ( but then asking again 😜) portion of the cooking. Well my grandma has a gluttonous granddaughter. My grandma made herself the angciu. This cooking always has special memory during my child hood. One of my comfort food too. Well I will try to cook this in ur style. Hoping this will enrich the taste n making new memories too. Thank u Roland for sharing this recipe.

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