SUPER EASY Chinese Soy-Glazed Ginger Garlic Salmon Recipe


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  1. Hi Roland , I cooked this last week to go with porridge and my husband love it with the gravy !
    But I always took quite a while to cook the salmon…
    Is your heat medium high, and the fish out from the fridge like at least 20 mins or so..?
    Anyway, looking forward to your videos this weekend !
    Hope to see Jamie showing her face one day too… Heehee…👍🏻💕

  2. We tried this fish recipe for lunch today. The sauce is really very tasty but the fish needed more marinade. Maybe the salt is not enough. How do you make it stick to the fish?

  3. Oooooh can't wait to make this. Made your stir fry fish with ginger and scallion earlier. OMG it was easy and delicious. Thank you so very much for sharing the recipe chef.

  4. Hi Roland and Jamie,
    Thanks for sharing this dish, now i have another way of cooking salmon. I have a question to ask. What is the brand of the frying pan you guys use to prepare this dish? Is this non stick pan? Where can i get it. Thanks.

  5. Love this kind of simple and delicious dishes. So easy and the ingredients easily available. Even those who don’t know how to cook can be a chef perfecting dishes like this….bravo……do more dishes like this one….

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