Super Crispy Chicken Karaage Recipe | Easy Japanese Style Fried Chicken Recipe


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  1. hello helloo can i ask something? can i just substitute the rice vinegar to regular vinegar? i dont have the fancy smancy vinegar just plain 'ol vinegar and also thank you for sharingg the recipe really cant wait to try it for lunch

  2. I tried this recipe today cause it looks good but it doesnt go well as i was expected lol the chicken meat becomes too dry and the coating from cornstarch is a bit thick for me so i feel like eating a flour with chicken instead a chicken coated in a flour. Maybe im not fit to do something like this lol😂😂 but thank you for sharing this recipe!💖

  3. I was hoping to see an actual heathy karrage because the channel was called healthy foodie. Good to see that deep fried foods are considered healthy! (Double deep fried in fact, LOL)

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