Super Bowl Party Recipe: Clams Casino Appetizers


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  1. for a better clams casino, or at least i think, just take the clams, cut in half and split between both sides of shell if big enough, and put bacon, cheese, and parsley on top. thats it. broil it until cheese browns and melts and its done. clams cook and bacon cooks there. its great. so simple and easy too.

  2. when I used to be a buffet runner at a seafood restaurant ran by a Greek family…the clams casino looked just like this and it was delish thanks for the recipe because I never knew their secret recipes and they were excellent cooks!!!

  3. i can't even think about this dish without remembering george costanza ordering it once from monk's to which jerry was really skeptical. when jerry asked "how is it?" george answered "a little funky."

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