Super Bowl LIII: Boston Baked Pork and Beans


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  1. Prepped, assembled, and into the oven at 11:00 PM last evening. GREAT suggestion using the olive oil to ease the molasses out of the measuring cup! Smelled great this morning. When I tasted them (2 hours before finish), I was hugely disappointed. Good pork flavor, but hugely lacking in that great New England baked bean flavor I proudly have learned to create. The beans were bland, bland, bland. I quick mixed more sauce up and added it to the pot. I will see how they come out. I thinnk my problem came from trying to halve all of the quantities (4 lb. Boston butt and just 1 lb. beans with sauce/paste also halved). I reviewed both your on-line Boston Baked Bean recipe and your on-line beans + pork shoulder recipe this YouTube video follows from. There were some inconsistencies in your proportions across your three recipes you may wish to address some time. All this said, I believe you are on to something with this recipe, and if my rendition does not meet my standard, I will not blame you. Instead, I will try, try, and try again. Thank you for the inspiration

  2. That looks great but are you not concerned that the very long baking with acidity from the sugars and the tomato products are going to eat away at some seasoning? I am always so reticent to use my cast iron pots with the lids because the lids always seem to lose seasoning n they're harder to keep that way. I have too much CI nothing individually gets used enough to season enough for this kind of meal. Thanks Eric!

  3. Now that is REAL pork and beans (with real pork meat and bone). All the grocery store pork and beans – no longer have any pork meat inside them. In the 1990s, it was the tiniest of cube fat (fat – not pork meat). Then it was a drop of fat oil. Now, it is only a little dab of "pork juice," and a drop of oil. So its NOT-PORK and beans. Should be sued by federal govt for false advertising. Thanks Campbells, ConAgra, and other NOT-PORK and beans manufacturers. Just better to label the product beans and sauce.

  4. Just made this for the super bowl today in a number 12 Lodge dutch oven. Came out perfect, wish I could share a pic.
    I've been planning to try this for weeks after I saw your other video on this. The 10 lb. Pork butt didn't fit for me so I just cut it in half, and put the other half in a crock pot over night.

    I would add salt and some extra seasoning at the end of cooking. I seared the pork in the dutch oven to add some extra flavor

    Love the videos. Thanks for the recipe. Go Pats!

  5. It was amusing that you don't use ketchup as it is too sweet even though the recipe has brown sugar, white sugar, and molasses in it. Not a criticism, by the way. I enjoy your videos even though I don't like Brady.

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