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  1. Ha ha – loved this vlog. In the UK 'pigs in blankets' are what we have with our Christmas Dinner, they're little sausages (pigs) wrapped in bacon (the blanket). My husband recorded the Super Bowl to watch the next morning ( it's on in the early hours of the morning). LOVE your dog by the way – so cute! X

  2. Tasty looking appetizers you made here! I'm not into football, but my dad loves the Broncos and boyfriend loves the Cowboys. It's more about the food and just having fun for me. ☺️

  3. Wow, the pigs in a blanket with chili mixture looks great!   I don't have a favorite team this year, but I will be watching the commercials.   Have fun!

  4. Canned refried beans taste like dog food and are really gross. Try putting on your own pot of beans up to a month before your going to use them. I sort and make mine in the crock pot with a strip of bacon or turkey bacon onion powder and salt to taste. Cook them before you go to bed when you wake up they will be done. Cool them down and freeze them in containers. You can refry them or I just puree them for a healthier option. Some people will smash them up and heat a skillet with butter and sautee them really fast and add cheese. They are so good and taste sooooo different them that canned stuff. Make these for your husband and he will just love them. If your re fried beans are runny just keep cooking them in the skillet they thicken up by them selves.

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