Sunomono-Japanese Summer Dish (RECIPE) 酢の物は、美味しいですよね。


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  1. Oh my goodness, another great recipe! I made this tonight…it was so simple to make and so good! I'm such a fan of your videos, I can't wait to watch your ramen recipe video!!!

  2. I made this! I had forgotten to add the sesame seeds, after a few bites I remembered (all I had was toasted, not black) and it really was delicious! Wonderful with steamed rice. It is still very hot in Texas – it was super refreshing!

  3. I'm telling you a secret… I HATE cucumber!!! +_+
    Buuuuut I LOVE sunomono!! (゚∀゚) why is that?? Because sunomono doesn't taste like cucumber AT ALL!!! I'll definitely try making it!!

  4. Sinichi, so that's how you extract the water from vegetables! I've read about doing that but have never seen it! That salad sure looks fabulous! I love crab, imitation or not! Thanks for sharing a great recipe!

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