Sunday French Toast Recipe – My Everyday Dish


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  1. Hi Emmy, I'm a 'lovely' 😊 & wntd to just say-
    ThankU so much for sharing tht w/ the world. Ur absolutely gorgeous & what a beautiful family I can bet their soo lucky to have you😊😊😍😍😍😍

  2. " hi emmy, i really love your beautiful and gorgeous video… from this video i just thinking that you are a humble and lovely person… just show me how you look like naturally in your life… best regards from me.. enlighten every single person in the world with your amazing videos… "

  3. omg emmy this was so lovely !! ive been watching your channel for a while now and never seen this video !! it was So nice seeing your family !! I bet you're a wonderful mother and wife. thanks for sharing it (: take care love.

  4. What a beautiful and inspirating video, makes me feel so good<3. I'd like to send you some traditional food from Czech Republic, cause you tried just some candies and sweets. You deserve at least more views, but you have awesome fans anyway:).

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