Sugar Glazed Pecans Appetizer Recipe


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  1. I guess, I could try it again without the egg-replacer. But I was trying to follow the recipe as closely as possible on the first try. Didn't make the sugared pecans this year. For some reason, it was hard to find affordable pecans in the grocery store. (Averaging $7 for 1 cup of pecans.) Would be interested to try this with another nut. Peanuts maybe?

  2. I made this recipe without the eggs, and used a vegan egg replacer instead. I used olive oil to grease the pan. I baked them longer (about 30 min.) than the recipe calls for, and waited for the sugar to harden and get the right look. These were EXTREMELY popular. I will definitely make this again. I found absolutely NO reason to use eggs in this recipe.

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