Stuffed squids – recipe


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  1. you do not need to replace the vine, its the alcohol that is haraam!
    there is a great difference with vine that the kafir drinks and the one used in cooking!
    usually the one in cooking have less alcohol in it.
    but that is something you don't need to worrying about cause the alcohol will vaporize when heated above 104- 140 °F or 40-60 °C
    leaving no alcohol thus make it halal…
    if you are uncertain about this. make sure you ask your local Imam about this and he could guide you further!

  2. There is zero chance of me making this, but I enjoyed the video very much. Yes, I have a pastry bag, but I watched your vid on preparing squid and just decided it's not for me. But your recipe looks amazing. .

  3. @yellowsaffron Thank you so much for this recipe. I enjoy all of your recipes but this one suits my likes and tastes perfectly so it looks absolutely delicious. I look forward to making this as soon as possible and I'll give you some feedback. Thanks again.

  4. for some weird reason i started laughing when she said "do not fill it too much, or it will explode while cooking" and i still cant stop laughing!!!

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