Stuffed Shells – Antipasto Stuffed Shells – Appetizer Recipe


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  1. awesome Wolfe. I love Mezzata. I puree their gardiniera with green olives and garlic and use it as sandwich spread ala "New Orleans mufelletta". My friends think I'm a sandwich Goddess. I'm just lazy like you. LMAO!!

  2. the deviled egg tray makes a great holder/carrier for these delicaces. Also I have used this shell idea to make tuna salad, seafood salad ,and taboulah salad stuffed shells. Possibitities are endless and great for summer parties. great idea!

  3. Mezzetta RULES!!!!!! "ALL" there products are awesome. I like the Christmas music. Hey Larry I have never see this done. We will try this for sure. You are a Genius 🙂 🙂 Right into my CULINARY playlist. Thank you. Happy Holidays to you and yours. ROCK ON!!!!!!!

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