Stuffed Pork ‘n Pig Chops recipe


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  1. We did this with the salami and provolone a couple nights ago.  They were excellent, can't wait to do it again!!!  You guys are welcome at our campfire anytime, the beer is on us, THANKS!!!

  2. Man, I don't think I could have resisted deglazing that pan with some veg stock, add some mushrooms and onions, cook off with spg, add flower and thin with more veg stock to your liking.  Make up some mashed potatoes to go with that!!!!! Gooooooo-ooood!!!!!!

  3. These videos are better than porn! Music is better, looks better making it, and the sandwich cut aka the money shot is better! You continue to impress. Keep up the great work!

  4. You Gents left some flavors in that pan, if you don't mind me sayin' so. I'd've been tempted to use all that fond in the skillet to make some 'SawMill Gravy' with chicken stock, Thyme, salt and some whole milk…..and lots of black pepper like Grandma did when she made chicken fried steak. Not that your cutlets needed any help, but if you eat that for supper with green peas and mashed taters, that gravy would be a nice addition. Loved your video. Keep cooking and I'll keep watching…..

  5. @BBQ Pitt Boys I was going to say that Martha is eating good tonight, but lucky her she eat good every night. This is delicious looking, am making mine this week and have my own pitmaster privilege.good recipe guys.

  6. ودي انا خويهم
    ياخي ناس يعرفون يطبخون
    اعرف واحد يقول نسيت الملح وقدنا نحضر الكبسه
    ولا الثاني يحرق الشوي ويقول لازم ينضج

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