Street Food in Japan: Takoyaki


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  1. I recently tried this at a restaurant. I thought it would be more of a hushpuppy. It was savory and has octopus. Or squid. And had an interesting soy sauce that was thick. The texture wasn’t my favorite though. It was more like fried mush on the outside and starchy molina on the inside.

  2. Im Indian

    But since I'm atleast level 7 Weeb I can tell people who are talking behind are not Japanese 😂😂

    God I'm pathetic

    How u guessed it ?

    Hint 1 : Japanese people don't talk unless it's necessary 😂😂 they are so quiet , they would rarely talk and laugh in public.

    Hint 2 : they sound Chinese , its 100% not Japanese , the words and accent are completely different
    (Some were Japanese tho ,I could listen someone saying "Wait a sec" or "Wasabi" related questions in Japanese)

  3. It sucks that being from the Philippines it is such a hit over there that there's sooo many Takoyaki stands but upon moving here in the U.S, i still have to go to Manhattan just to get a decent one!

  4. いやいや具少なっっと思ってしまうのは日本人だからかな笑ぜひレシピを調べて自分で作ってみてほしい。丸めるのとか難しいかもしれないけど。屋台に比べられないほどおいしいよ。

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