Strawberry Soup Recipe Demonstration –


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  1. Your videos are the best! Thank you for giving a retired man picking up a new hobby who never cooked or baked much, confidence, with your presentations . Although, it is done in those long winter months. Would fresh frozen strawberries work with this recipe that we picked earlier? Strawberry season is over for the year.

  2. I 💜 watching you stroll with your dog as much as I 💜 watching you stir, bake, and frost! You are amazing and every recipe I've tried has been a success thanks to your detailed teaching 🍡🍩🍪🍰🍴🍫🍮🍦💜! I can't wait to find organic strawberries and try this out ;).

  3. You hull strawberries like I do. I drive the point of the knife under the hull and lift it out. I've seen folks cut off almost the top third of the berry to get rid of the green leafy part and throw that out. A terrible waste.

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