STIR FRY RECIPES – Easy Chinese Green Beans Recipe [干煸豆角]


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  1. Dear Mandy, thank you! Everyone I've tried I have loved (I have nt tried this one yet). I think it's your close attention to detail and your special helpful tips and of course your delightful personality. I am hungry for more 🙂 PS you are beautiful

  2. That look so good thank you for taking the time to show us how to make healthy food that's good for our bodies I would love to have tea sit down and try one of your meals with you someday I would love to be a penpal find me on messenger so we can swap some recipes thank you ,you are so amazing to me oh by the way you look very nice today as always

  3. Never cooked the green beans without boiling them first, it's very good! Thanks for the recipe, I made a variation of this tonight for dinner- delicious!

  4. I subscribe to many channels about all styles of cooking with great recipes. But I must tell you that besides your dishes being consistently delicious, it is your presentation that delights me! Just watching you makes me smile. Thank you so much for teaching us your souped up recipes. And for being you.

  5. What a great looking green bean dish! I love the fresh green beans combined with the meat…I'm sure you could use whatever meat you wanted and it would still be amazing! Great video Mandy! TFS Keep on cooking girl! Hugs from Texas! : )

  6. Awesome dish, only because I eat Kosher, I used smoked turkey instead of shrimp and pork and it was delicious. You are a fantastic teacher. If you were my daughter, I would be very proud.

  7. She is Chinese, lives in China. She speaks English better than some American! I like her recipes because she doesn't use MSG like a lot of Asian cooking. Good job young lady! And thanks for sharing.

  8. This is one of my favorite buffet dishes. Im going to make it at home now, thank you! I wonder why a few people are giving this a thumbs down? Is it the dried shrimp? Its optional.

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