Stir Fry Bok Choy Recipe | How to cook Bok Choy Vegetarian Dish


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  1. Thank you This video is especially clear and above all short and concise ; we don't have to spend time watching vegetables being chopped and rinsed etc . Well done .

  2. DAMN….That was fast ! YOU ARE SUBBED MY MAN !.Not that you care but tonite I'm cooking Stuffed Sole wt crab meat and flounder with a Pan Asian Sauce. Bok Choy mixed with cabbage, sweet onion,8 garlic cloves, tbsp of minced ginger, salt n pepper to taste. Quinoa penne pasta with homemade teriyaki gravy.
    Thank you for your response. I will be watching all your videos….. past, present, and future. I will be given them all a HUGE thumbs up.
    In my opinion Asian style / influenced cooking is the best.
    Italian is ok but it can get boring. Asian cooking is fun and enjoyable to me. I can let my creativity flow. Again…. Thank you. Harry Hathaway.

  3. If "Western" people ate more Asian style cooking, there would be a lot less "Fat arses" around and we would be much healthier……..Thanks, that looks SO easy………….

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