Stir-Fried Vegetable Spaghetti Recipe (vegetarian / vegan recipe)


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  1. I decided to make a vegan stir fry for dinner. Wanted to check for sauce/flavoring ideas. Jackpot!! I forgot I had ginger in the fridge. Did not have the jerk sauce, will put that on my shopping list. I truly believe that due to your video I had a flavorful meal.
    Thanks so much. It was yummy.

  2. wondering if someday you could post the recipe of vegan Briani ,please . your videos are good thanks for all those recipe ,keep on uploading more.

  3. Hi, your boyfriend is cool. Explaining from scratch is really helpful. I've only one question – do the vegetables get cooked within that short time? That too without covering the lid. Normally, when I try I end up vegetables half cooked. Could you suggest any solution to my problem? Thanks.

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