Step by step recipe on how to make French Fish Fumet |(Fish stock)


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  1. Stephane, I don't know what's wrong with people. Cavilling over carrot coins in fish fume? I love your videos and learn so much from them. Can you tell me why a restaurant would use chicken stock in a fish soup (besides laziness and cheapness)? I'm a vegetarian who eats fish occasionally, and I always have to ask. It's the simplest, cheapest, quickest thing to make–why would a (high-end) restaurant skip a luscious fish fume?

  2. hello in the video you said `fry veges carefully to avoid brown colour of stock` as i see butter changed colour of stock(it became yellow). for example i need to cook white clam chowder is it possible to use this stock for it? thank you for your video.

  3. shouldnt u remove the gills of the fish? What ive learned is that the red part of the gills is giving a wierd taste.

    Edit: just got so far so i saw that u didnt use the head. But if u would have used it. would u remove the gills then?

  4. hello. just my opinion. if you do this in culinary school you would fail. you said it yourself, a fish fume is a white stock and no coloration. your end product is yellow. lol

    fume's should not have carrots.
    you should bring it to a boil before simmering it.
    skim all the scum that floats when it is boiling and simmering.
    reduce the wine before adding the fish bones and water.
    when you strain the stock, use a strainer and paper towel and you can also remove the floating oil particles with a paper towel before serving the stock.

    it's suppose to be so clear that when the chef instructor drops a coin in the bowl with the fumet, he would still be able to read what's on the coin.

    well that's how we were taught in in school. lol

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