Steamed Fish with Black Bean Sauce | Chinese Recipe


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  1. Congratulations!!! I really enjoyed watching this video but I m a vegetarian and I would like you to make vegetarian pad thai video or can you suggest how can I make it vegetarian pad Thai!! Thank you

  2. The bowls, cups, and plate(s) are nice mellow colors. Watching different episodes, they appear now and then. I hope you can update your home page to tell us where you bought the items, including Amazon and other retailers. Sometimes, using the same color utensils and dishes helps me feel like I am there with you preparing the entree. For example, the orange mini whisk you use is found on instead of Amazon. Wish I knew where the light blue whisk and green ceramic plate were bought. WTYL Pailin.

  3. that parchment paper trick is so neat! and i wonder if it is applicable for steaming buns as well? 🤔 (since i don't have a bamboo steamer nor a kitchen towel big enough to cover the lid and prevent condensation to fall on the buns during cooking)

  4. To those living in Europe, use sea bass or sea bream.
    Beautiful recipe Pai.

  5. Hi Pailin, looks very good as usual.
    I never tried this one yet, most of the time the steamed fish you can find here is red snapper, but I will try to cook that one too if I have the chance, it looks deliciouuuus !

  6. Hi! Can you give us ideas what to use coconut cream for? I bought few cans of coconut cream by accident instead of coconut milk.. ive tried using coconut cream in curries and soups and its just not quite right. Don't really want to throw them away but i don't really know what to do with them.

    Any ideas what to do with coconut cream? Deserts? I have no idea…? Sos

  7. I've eaten black been sauce a million times (maybe a thousand) and I never ever made the connection that they were soy beans, not black beans. After all these years! I'm so dumb sometimes. I always thought. How did "black beans" get into Chinese food? I've never bought them but I eat the sauce all the time at Chinese restaurants. Crab w/ Black Bean sauce is one of my all time favorites. I thought they were preserved black beans chopped up. Hahahahaha!

  8. If you are serving any fish with "pin bones" to foreigners, then make sure to warn them, and ideally prepare their food for them (my ex-spouse probably saved me from death, if not numerous emergency room visits).

  9. If I do anything different I add a little chili (either a few slivers of a milder one like a serrano or jalapeño. Or a few drops of my chilie oil.) And I don't chop mine, I mash it up a but.

  10. This reminds me of a steamed fish dish that my aunt usually cooked for me. She usually just salt and pepper the fish and steamed it until it’s done. The twist is she put finely julienned ginger and white part of green onion (scallion) on top of the fish, then she drizzled a mix of soy sauce and oil that have been heated up. So, it somehow, I believe, helps to infuse the ginger, green onion, and soy sauce flavour to the fish. It is a little bit oily, but taste absolutely amazing! ☺️

  11. OMG, your pregnant 🤰 I’m so happy for you. I LOVE all your recipe. I have tried many of your recipes. My kids LOVE the hot Thai chicken. I Love it too. I also got your book, well my brother for it for me. This recipe I will certainly to to make. My sons and husband love fishing so by the end of Summer my freezer is full of fish. My husband and I love eating fish. Thanks for the recipe.🙏☺️💕

  12. Hi Pailin. First time commenting (?), congrats on both two fronts !!! Both of you are lucky to have each other and soon more. My family have a formular almost simular to this but a bit different also. First the fish we would pan fry without marinading. We dry fish with paper towel and pat lightly with corn starch powder. In an iron skillet we would pan fry the fish with a couple slivers of ginger to cut the fishiness. Then dust the fish with a bit of salt and white pepper and plate. We need two tomatoes ( I like "vine") cut into 6/8 pieces each. To make the sauce we first pan fry the black bean garlic mix as showned and julienne slivers of ginger, brown lightly and toss in tomatoes. Add splash of cooking brandy, mushroom dark soy (1/2 tspn) 2 teaspoon sugar and oyster sauce. Top off with whole scallion cut to 1 inch, cook tomatoes to semi soft and pour over fish. Anyways an old recipe from gramps. Hope you'll try this alternate recipe and let me know.

  13. u definitely look healthy fit-toned bod and good skin :D. gotta love seafood to be a good asian cuisiner yeah!? i dont mind a good white fish dont like the skin. plenty lemon and butter! garlic is universal great ingredient.

  14. I saw yesterday one of your earlier videos suggesting infusing alcohol with Kafir leaves or Lemongrass….
    AWESOME, thank you again…. I grow both and started both today…. 💋🐲

  15. Hmmmm yummmmm ^_^ my mom makes this with tilapia or whole sea bass and it's deliccioouuussss. We also love sauteeing those fermented black beans with bitter gourd or sticky rice cakes! 🙂

  16. my friend makes this but he fries the fish and makes the sauce seperately and pours it overtop – he calls it pinecone fish. usually he uses grouper or rockfish and he just fries up the whole thing – head/tail. it looks really cool. but i like it steamed too! thanks for the video, i was forgetting the dou and it was not quite right.
    would you do a video on pad cha? i bet you make a crazy good pad cha fish or scallops!

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